Baton Rouge
Authentic Louisiana!

Baton Rouge, in southeast Louisiana, is the state's capital and 2nd largest city. Founded in 1719 by French explorer Sieur d'Iberville, the city is named for the reddish cypress pole (red stick) that marked the boundary between two hunting grounds: Houma and Bayou Goula. The Red Stick was located on Istrouma Bluff, the first bluff along the Mississippi River that is north of the Mississippi Delta.

Baton Rouge culture is a mixture of Cajun and Creole, reflecting infuences from France, Britain, and Spain. The city celebrates Mardi Gras every year, complete with parades. Other special events include the Bayou Country Superfest, the St. Patrick's Day Parad and the Red Stick International Animation Festival which links creativity and technology.

Baton Rouge is one of the fastest growing cities in the South. Portfolio Magazine ranked Baton Rouge as on of the "Top 10 Places for Young Adults". Baton Rouge is the home of LSU and Southern University, both known for excellence in academics and Division 1 football.


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